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Essays and papers

Certeau on forms and form

‘Certeau’s landscapes: what can images do?‘, in What Forms Can Do: The Work of Form in 20th- and 21st-Century French Literature and Thought, ed. by Patrick Crowley and Shirley Jordan (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2020), pp. 255–69

Vigny’s ecology

‘Against nature? Vigny’s stones’, Dix-Neuf, 23:3–4 (2019), 196–207

Constant’s fame

‘Biengamin Content: how a liberal made his name’

Constant and displacement

‘Constant’s notes from the underground’

Literature and disobedience

‘Learning from contrarians: on Barthes and Certeau’

The senses in 1816

‘The senses in 1816: the case of Constant’

Constant and Napoleon

‘Le double serment; ou, fidélité constante à tout le monde’

Constant, literature and politics

‘Constant and the literature of the moderns’, Irish Journal of French Studies, 14 (2014), 161–78

With Mallarmé, on water

‘Paris–Valvins: allers-retours’

Valéry’s Cahiers in translation

Review of Paul Valéry, Cahiers/Notebooks, ed. by Brian Stimpson and others

Constant and pluralism

‘Retour sur le privé: aux origines d’un pluralisme’

Vigny in time

‘The time of Vigny’, in Naomi Segal and Gill Rye, eds, ‘When familiar meanings dissolve’: Essays in French Studies in Memory of Malcolm Bowie (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2011), pp. 97–111

Proust and continency

‘Proust’s “grands chagrins utiles”: beyond contingency?‘, in Nigel Harkness and Marion Schmid, eds, Au seuil de la modernité: Proust, literature and the Arts (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2011), pp. 179–94

Cosmopolitanism and the logic of value judgements

‘The logic of alterity: is it a logical alternative?‘, in Patrick O’Donovan and Laura Rascaroli, eds, The Cause of Cosmopolitanism: Dispositions, Models, Transformations (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010), pp. 115–33

Proust and mesmerism

‘A contradictory look at the look: resisting Le Temps retrouvé ’, in Adam Watt, ed., ‘Le Temps retrouvé ’ Eighty Years After / 80 ans après: Critical Essays / Essais critiques (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009), pp. 167–80

Vigny and the joy of poetry

‘Poetry and the discourse of happiness in nineteenth-century France: the case of Vigny’, in Susan Harrow and Tim Unwin, eds, Joie de vivre in French Literature and Culture: Essays in Honour of Michael Freeman (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2009), pp. 193–210

Certeau and Winnicott on memory

‘Memory as object: a relation of proximity?‘, in Peter Collier, Anna M. Elsner and Olga Smith, eds, Anamnesia: Private and Public Memory in Modern French Culture (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009), pp. 85–97

Certeau: forgetting and memory

‘Common culture and creativity’, in Edric Caldicott and Anne Fuchs, eds, Cultural Memory: Essays on European Literature and History, (Oxford: Peter Lang 2003), pp. 311–24

The Goncourts and the discourse of realism

‘De l’écriture au texte dans les romans des Goncourt’, Francofonia, no. 20 (Primavera 1991), 85–103

Beckett’s Textes pour rien

‘Beckett’s Happy Few’, Zeitschrift für französische Sprache und Literatur, 100 (1990), 168–79

Barthes and rhetoric

‘The place of rhetoric’, Paragraph, 11 (1998), 227–48

Beckett’s later monologues

‘Beckett’s monologues: the context and conditions of representation’, Modern Language Review, 81 (1986), 318–26

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